In order to keep the fur product in its original appearance, it is enough to follow simple rules:

• Try not to let the moisture (snow, rain) get on the fur thing.
• Washing and ironing are contraindicated to fur products.
• Fur needs to be protected against moths.
• Fur cannot be stored near heaters.
• Should not be left for long in direct sunlight.


Basic care of fur products.

1. Natural furs require careful care and storage. The ideal conditions for storing fur are cool temperature.
2. Returning even after a short walk, do not rush to remove the coat in the closet. Allow the fur to dry out, then gently comb it (for this purpose there is a special “garlic” – a comb for fur).
3. The fur coat after being under the rain is dried in the open space (wet skin in the closet necessarily “sits down”), at room temperature and away from heating appliances. Do not dry the fur with a hot hair dryer. Dry the fur is easily shaken, so that the fur gets fluffy. Furs do not comb, only slightly knock out from the wrong side.
4. Do not have your fur coat dry cleaned even by a professional cleaning service unless you really have to- annoying odors that cannot go away with steaming, persistent stains (if the lining is stained you are much better of changing the lining no matter the cost). Dry cleaning utilizes chemicals that wash off the fatty acids from the skin and reduces their longevity.
5. Once every 2 weeks, you should look at the sleeves, collar and hem, where grease appears more quickly. Gently wipe these places with a soft sponge soaked in vodka.
6. Do not hang or store your fur coat near a radiator, stove or any source of heat. It makes the skins dry and susceptible to tears and hair shedding.
7. The most common trouble is created by the smells and cosmetics around us! Fur deeply absorbs the odor, which is then difficult to remove from it. Hairspray, perfume, insect repellent, various chemicals – are firmly deposited in natural material such as fur. Try not to let it happen.