What kind of furs are used in the production of your products

Mostly, we sell fur coats, fur jackets, fur vests and accessories from polar fox, red fox, mink, rabbit, and raccoon.

How to choose the right size for a fur coat?

To accurately choose the size of the fur coat, vest or jacket you need to measure the chest, waist, and hips in centimeters, and also the length from the neck to the palm.
By these measurements, we will accurately inform you about the availability of goods in the store, or especially for you we will sew new model or correct something in the current one according to your measurements.

Do you sell fur coats from natural fur or artificial?

We work only with trusted suppliers at the factory that use high-quality fur, expensive and modern sewing technologies for all the products.
Most of our range is made from natural fur, but there are also cheaper products made from artificial fur.

Where are your fur coats made?

In order to offer our customers excellent quality for a reasonable price, our fur coats are sewn at factories in Asia.

Where do you get materials for fur items?

We work with constant suppliers of quality natural furs, which they bought at fur auctions around the world.

Does the fur coat smell?

Let’s start with the fact that a new item from fur should have a smell. This is normal! in general, any new thing smells no matter is it leather or knitted or jeans, etc. Yes, the fragrance of fur is quite specific, and someone likes it, some does not.
After a certain time, it disappears. You practically will not notice it. And the more the fur coat is being in natural conditions – on the street, and even in the frosty day, the sooner the smell disappears.
By the way, the fragrance of fur is a certain indicator of the age of the product. If the product is sewn a few years ago, then there will be no smell at all or, at least, much. The new one, as already mentioned above – must smell.

How to care for a fur coat?

The main rule of care for a fur coat is to initially buy a quality fur product from natural fur.
Next, You should keep the product from moths, store in a special breathable cover, avoid direct sunlight, preferably wear less in the rain, and if the fur coat is soaked, dry it on a hanger, away from heating appliances.

Why are the coats in your store cheaper than in the other places?

In our store, you buy almost directly from the manufacturer, avoiding extra charges for renting retail space, salaries to sellers, utility bills and other expenses of a retail store as we sell our fur products through online-store.

How is payment in your store proceed?

After you have chosen the model, determined the color and size, and added the goods to the cart, click the ‘View Cart’. There you will see the details of your order, and you will need to enter the address where we should deliver your goods . Then click ‘Proceed to checkout’, fill in the required fields and go to the PayPal payment form. There you can pay both from your bank card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and from your PayPal account. After that, wait for the email confirmation of successful payment, and from that moment on your order is accepted.

How are the shipping and delivery carried out?

You can read about the shipping and delivery in this section.

What if the product did not fit me?

In case the goods did not fit the size, or you received the wrong product, which you didn’t order, you can contact us, indicate the reason for the return, and send back the purchased goods to the factory. Within 14 days after your shipment, we will proceed 100% refund the amount you paid.

Is my personal information kept private?

Yes, we guarantee that all your personal data will be kept private and confidential and that we will never give out any of your personal data without your authorization.